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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Support the Cat Protection League – Cats have rights too!!

Hi I’m Milly and I have chosen to do the Cat Protection League for my GCSE citizenship.

There are lots of animal charities supporting a wide range of animals; Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Blue Cross, PDSA and Bornfree are all just a few but there are many, many more. I have chosen to do the CPL because it is something I can relate to, my cat means the world to me and I can truly appreciate the work that the CPL are doing for less fortunate cats all around the UK.

Every year many cats and kittens are getting abandoned and being left unwanted. The CPL are saving more than 230,000 cats a year since 1928 through their network of over 250 volunteer centres, 29 adoption centres and homing centre. They also work with the public, schools and clubs to get support and many people do fundraising activities to raise money and awareness.

Many people donate to the CPL every month but they are getting more and more cats in everyday and the costs are getting higher. So many cats are being left homeless and it is always down to the CPL to take care of them, they never turn down a cat. Luckily with all the donations they have been hard at work for many years but it’s also thanks to the many volunteers who help take care of and home cats and kittens. Although you have to be 16 to legally be able to volunteer any one can do a fundraising event or even 
foster a cat, all the help is appreciated and it would make a big difference to a cats life.

The CPL are paying for food, a warm house, toys, litter, vet bills and drink for every cat they shelter but it’s a lot to pay for and every donation and volunteer makes a BIG difference. Even if you are just considering buying a cat, look around the CPL shelters because you might find that cute, furry feline you’ve been looking for! I think it’s safe to say there is a cat out there for every person but there isn’t a person for every cat.

One very inspiring story is ‘Dewey’- a book a about a cat abandoned in a library book return box on a snowy January night. Although it is set in Spencer (a small town in Iowa, America) it underlines that there is a problem all around the world with how cats are being treated and how people can help make a difference. It inspired me to get a cat and I’m hoping it’ll inspire people reading this blog to not only donate to the CPL but finds ways they could change a cats life. Dewey became a famous cat all around the world and although he’s passed away now he changed so many people’s lives with his story.

Every cat is special and deserves the chance to live a full and happy life. Please give them that chance and donate to the CPL. I would love it if you could give me some evidence of how successful my blog was and if you would like to help. If you could respond by answering some short questions, here they are, and thank you:

·             - Have you ever heard of the CPL before reading this?
·             - Do you feel more informed?
·             - Would you be prepared to support the CPL?
·             - Would you make a donation?
·             - Would you tell your friends to support the CPL?
·             - FINALY please state your hometown and  country (if not UK)

Thank you very much.


To find a CPL centre in your area visit: http://www.cats.org.uk/

To find out more about Dewey’s story visit: http://www.spencerlibrary.com/dewey.shtml

Help Defend the Natural World – Stop Climate Change, Defend Oceans, Forests, and Work for Peace!

Thank you for showing an interest in my blog! In the blog below, I am trying to gain awareness for the needed respect of the natural world with the charity Greenpeace. This is a very good charity that helps work for defense against climate change, pollution in oceans, deforestation, toxics and anything that might destroy the chances of a greener and more peaceful world.

This charity helps defend the natural world and promotes peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing environmentally responsible solutions. All over the world people have woken up to the threat of climate change, pollution and the cutting down of trees and are working to reduce the damage by reducing the use of fossil fuels, stopping forest destruction, getting power from clean energy and many more ways to ensure the sustainability of the Earth!

Every year more and more animals are becoming the victims of habitat destruction and soon so will humans, but there are ways you could help stop this including fundraising and/or donating to Greenpeace, campaign online, volunteer, and generally become more aware of the cause and telling your friends or family about it.

Soon, if the environment continues to be treated with disrespect, our future generations will be living in the scraps of the mistreated planet. We need to provide the needs of present generations while identifying the needs of future generations and taking action against behaviour that could destruct it!

Why we should help the planet:

·              - The number of extinct animals are increasing each year due to destruction of habitats.
·              - Marine ecosystems are destroyed due to the lack of respect of the ocean.
·              - If we want a healthy planet, we have to take action against the oil industry and pollution.
·              - As shown in the image above, forests are being cut down and destroyed.
·              - To learn more information about why we should help and the vision of Greenpeace, see:      http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/about/our-vision.

I hope you are more informed about Greenpeace and the work they do and together we can help the planet to become a more eco-friendly and sustainable place! At the bottom I would love if you could give me some evidence of how successful my blog was and if you would like to help. If you could respond by answering some short questions, here they are, and thank you:

Have you ever heard of Greenpeace before reading?

Do you feel more informed?

Would you be prepared to support Greenpeace?

Would you make a donation?

Would you tell your friends to support Greenpeace?

Have I changed your attitude towards the environment and the urge to protect it? If yes, how?

And if possible state your hometown and/or country!

Thank you very much. Imogan.