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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Why bother recycling? Here are the facts…

Hello, Thank you for taking time to read my blog. My aim is to change attitudes towards in and around my area, Torbay, about recycling and the new recycling changes that have been introduced. I also want to make as many people as I can aware of the threats to our planet, and to know that by simply recycling YOU can make a difference?

We all need to embrace the changes our world faces with open arms and do our best to protect it as much as we can.

Recycling can be a big bore sometimes especially when you are...

• always washing out dirty yoghurt pots for the early morning recycling collection
• constantly sorting through smelly milk bottles
• Sorting through never ending piles of mixed rubbish for recycling

Have you had to do the chores?
Well my family and I have...
But I set out to change attitudes towards recycling in my family and now I hope to maybe encourage you to recycle a bit more.

Heres the facts:
• Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could be recycled.
• The average household can save £4000 a year from recycling this… £4000!
• If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year! (That’s a lot of trees!)
• About one-third of landfill is packaging, 98% of which can be recycled!
• A typical family consumes 695 litres of Juice or squash, 400 litres gallons of milk, and 101 litres of bottled water a year. That's a lot of containers! Only 45% of which are recycled!

Sorting your rubbish into separate groups may seem horribly inconvenient to someone with busy lives probably like yourself but it’s really not much fuss-
Sort it- Place your boxes outside- And bingo!
Your waste has gone to be remade into something else and you’re helping save our planet for the future of many! Easy eh?

Not yet persuaded? Well this is the alternative...

None of us want Torbay, UK or the world to be in a situation where our children and our children’s children have to fight to keep our landscapes clean and green, our seas free from pollution and our wildlife and lives not in the threat of ruin. Here’s a video about the some of the effects on wildlife due to land fill, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yom6zlm5VqE please watch it :)
So please I’m not asking you to donate, or sign a petition I’m just asking you to RECYCLE!

Now ... If your already a recycling Junkie like myself here’s 3 little things to get you doing more..
• REDUCE the amount you buy with packaging and waste materials
• PERSUADE all your friends and neighbours to get recycling, it’s not that hard!
• KEEP your old ink cartridges; did you know they can be refilled?
If you still want more to do visit this website http://www.recycling-guide.org.uk/ it will give you many more recycling ideas!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, please can you spend a moment to post me a comment by answering the following questions;
Have I. . .

1) Changed your view on recycling? If so, how?

2) Made you more aware that recycling isn’t at all that much effort?

3) Persuaded you to be more prepared to recycle in your own home and persuade others to?

Thank you for Leaving a Comment; it will be appreciated greatly, and remember to tell me where you live (town and country) So I know how far my advocacy has reached.

Thank you again, and remember RECYCLE!
Ellen :)


  1. After having read this most interesting article on recycling, which shows a great dedication I am determined to change my habits and become more aware of my own contribution to the preservation of the planet. I can see now that it does not take a lot of effort and I will begin in my own home tomorrow and tell my friends how important and worthwhile a cause this is.
    Denny from Berlin, Germany.

  2. The video link attached to your blog has made me realise how important recycling is and has definitely made me want to change my actions towards recycling, what is happening to those animals and beaches is terrible!
    Your Blog has also made me realise that recycling is not that hard and I now will try harder with recycling at home.
    From Alice, in Devon

  3. 1) Yes this has changed my view because i didnt know all the facts before.
    3) Yes

  4. I really like what you have written about recycling because people need to know how it can affect our world.

  5. It hasnt changed my view, it agrees with it!
    Recycling can save the world.

  6. Awesome! A way to let other people know about your recycling activities is to snap a picture of yourself while at work. Here's the application for doing just that. http://youtu.be/qxQn-00Rr7s

  7. Good morrow stranger, you are a star if only there were more people like you trying to make a difference then this world would be a better place.. thank you from the planet and myself. Thankyou xx

  8. There's a few interesting issues that many aren't aware of- I would hope, given the current economic climate that these might focus minds a little more on the issue of recycling:
    1) Being a member state of the EU means we have to abide by legislation set in Brussels- this includes recycling rates per capita- fines are impose if these rates are not met.
    2) Recycling brings jobs, employment locally, a steady income and helps underpin the UK as an exporter of raw materials (rather than an importer), meaning that our economy looks better on paper and we maintain our AAA rating.
    3) Recycling cuts the cost of raw material prices on the global market- if more was to be recycled, inflation would reduce for consumer goods.

    Hope these help add to your argument for recycling.

  9. Absolutely correct...
    If everyone knows about advantages of recycling and aware that they can make money by collecting recyclable waste then it will definitely make a difference