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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fairtrade. Do you know about it? Well after reading this you will. Thanks for opening my blog; I hope it tells all you need to know and that you become more aware of Fairtrade products.

I feel quite strongly about Fairtrade, therefore I believe that people should open their eyes to the products on the shelves and not leave Fairtrade items behind closed doors. When it comes to buying supermarket products, the main thing people think about is money. But it’s not all about the price; it is about where the food came from and how it has been made. With Fairtrade, you can be sure that the products have been made by people who are willing to work in a safe environment with a good wage, not those who are forced to work, in terrible conditions. But it’s not advertised anywhere, is it? It’s not sold everywhere, is it? But you can change that. Only, by choosing Fairtrade.

• I think that you should consider buying Fairtrade products because, firstly, it benefits small scale producers. You may think that small scale farmers aren’t important, but in reality, they are the poorest of the poor in the developing world. With Fairtrade they with receive good and stable prices and greater security, which makes a big difference to their lives and helps them escape from poverty.
• Secondly, it guarantees a fair price for the farmers. This means that the workers can be paid a proper wage, so reducing slave labour and improving the conditions in which the farmers work in.
• Thirdly, because it provides a ‘premium’ for community development. The ‘premium is extra money – on top of what they get paid – that the producer community receives. This is good because in developing countries, little money can go a long way to provide projects agreed by the community. Also, producers can invest their premiums in a range of products such as, building schools and clinics, installing water supplies and toilets, environmental improvements and school or medical fees.
• Another reason is because it is better for the people and the planet. Since the 1970’s, farmers have grown coffee in full sun using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The result of that? Trees and wildlife habitats gone. Water supplies polluted. Human health damaged. But Fairtrade is different. It requires farmers to protect the environment and use more natural methods. This provides habitats for insects and birds, it protects the soil and it reduces pollution.
• And lastly: Think ahead. Think into the future. At the moment Fairtrade only makes up a fraction of world trade. A fairer way of trading has huge potential but needs to keep on growing so that more of the world’s poor people can benefit. So buy Fairtrade and hopefully we will be able to watch the world change.

I hope I have given you a reason to support Fairtrade and would be really grateful if you would please take the time to answer some questions by posting some quick responses:

1. Do you feel more informed about the benefits of Fairtrade?
2. Would you now support my campaign by raising awareness?
(for example, tell a friend about Fairtrade)
3. Would you now want to buy more Fairtrade products?

Thank you for taking an interest to my blog, could you please put which country and hometown you are from, below. Thank you again; I hope you consider supporting Fairtrade.

PS: I recommend this website for more information: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/


  1. I agree, fairtrade is very good and more people should support it!

  2. I feel more informed after reading your blog!!
    I would raise a small amount of awareness by sharing this link on social network sites etc.
    I would buy fairtrade but not all of the time because its expensive and sometimes hard to find.
    Brilliant Blog I really enjoyed it!!!!!!

  3. Yess,
    Very good blog! I know a lot more about fairtrade now I have read your blog! Well Done!

  4. 1. yes definitely
    2. yes i would pass on the message
    3. i will definitely be more aware of the products!
    Good blog :)