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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Imagine growing up without music. We should help deaf children today.

Thank you for taking time to read our blog! You may not have heard of The ESDDCS or of it’s amazing work, but we hope to make more people aware of this brilliant charity and all of the work it does voluntarily.

The Exeter and South Devon Deaf Children's Society (ESDDCS) have been supporting deaf children (and their families) in the Exeter and South Devon for over 40 years! The charity’s main aims are to support deaf children to develop their effective interaction, communication and to offer every support they can to enable them to develop their full potential.

The charity subsidizes the cost of family trips and outings, including an annual holiday or weekend event, so that it is easy for deaf families to socialize and encourage independence for the deaf children. For example a family membership is only £5 per year. Not only does the charity help children but it is also a great help to the relatives of deaf children, teaching them how to cope with their emotions and to help their relative.

Here is an example of a member from the Society who was helped immensely by the charity while learning to cope with supporting her two deaf grandchildren:

‘The support myself and my family had was invaluable, just knowing other people who understood my feelings and being able to share problems and so many happy times together.’

Please can you spare 2 moments to visit the ESDDCS’ website at http://www.esddcs.co.uk/index.htm for more useful information on how you could help change the lives of many deaf people in the South West.

If you post a response, please can you tell us where you come from i.e. your home town & country (if not UK!)This is only one of many examples of the great work the charity provides so please answer the questions below to let us know your thoughts about the charity.

> Had you heard about the charity before?

> Do you now feel more informed about the issues faced by deaf people?

> Would you now be prepared to do any of the following things to help improve the lives of deaf people?

1. Make a donation to the ESDDCS?
2. Start or join a Fundraising campaign?
3. Support the ESDDCS?
4. Sign the online petition?
5. Tell your family & friends about the ESDDCS and try to persuade them to help out in any of the ways above?

Samantha, Abby and Lucy


  1. country - England


  2. i think it might be a yes

  3. I never knew this charity existed before but now i am much more informed about it and will do more to help deaf children.
    1) yes definitely
    2) yes if i can find one
    3) yes always
    4) yes
    5) yes so they can be as informed as i am now

    This was a very informative blog and i enjoyed reading it!Download: www.ieType.com/f.php?F8vYTs

  4. Hometown: Torquay
    Country: England

    1. yes
    2. no
    3. yes
    4. maybe

    Never heard of the charity
    A lot more informed about the issues deaf people face
    and i will try to help in any way i can.

  5. i had not heard of this charity before.
    yes, but i would like to know more.
    1.yes i will donate
    5.yes i will try.

    Liverpool - England

  6. Georgia Fullarton20 August 2011 at 15:46

    Georgia Fullarton, UK

    Prior to reading this post i wasnt aware of this charity, and feel there should be more information about the issues facing deaf children and the issues they face in circulation. This was a very informative post concerning the charity and i would be interested to firstly learn more about the subject matter, and secndly, engage with the charity in the ways mentioned, in the future.

  7. country england

    1. no
    2. yeah
    3. maybe
    4. maybe
    5. yeah

  8. Torquay

    No I hadn't heard of the charity before and yes, I do feel more informed.
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Definitely
    4. Yes
    5. Yes

  9. i hadn't heard of it before.
    i now feel more informed about it.
    1. yes

  10. 1-yes
    by emily

  11. 1. Make a donation to the ESDDCS? Yes
    2. Start or join a Fundraising campaign? Yes
    3. Support the ESDDCS? Yes
    4. Sign the online petition? Yes
    5. Tell your family & friends about the ESDDCS and try to persuade them to help out in any of the ways above? Yes
    Fantastic Blog<3

  12. this blog has shown me how important the organisation is!..i hadn't heard of the charity before and after reading this page i feel more informed and feel inspired to help. thank you!

  13. theese children really need help. it isn't fair on them to grow up with the ability to hear. i am so glad that there are charities like the ESDDCS to help them.

  14. yes for everything. this is a very good informative idea. This is very well presented. Good work girls. Well done

  15. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. yes
    5. yes
    This blog was very informative and helped me understand how important this topic is. I will tell my friends and family and see if they will support it as I would like to.